Wall-Eyed is the alias of Raleigh, NC-based gutter-Americana singer-songwriter Wilson Getchell, who is also known for his work as a member of The Whiskey Decision.  Wall-Eyed has been through numerous line-up changes and has called multiple cities home, including Washington, DC and Flagstaff, AZ, before ultimately putting down roots in Raleigh.  Wall-Eyed’s music is characterized by a highly-energetic, lyrically-driven songwriting, which fuses together country, punk, progressive, and rockabilly, and is anchored by Getchell’s powerful, melodic vocals.  Wall-Eyed possesses an extensive catalogue of original material, which is complimented by a unique selection of covers from various eras and genres of popular music. 

Wall-Eyed was originally formed in 2011 in Washington, DC around Wilson Getchell and Rob Keane (drums), who had attended high school together in Virginia before losing touch for nearly a decade.  Getchell and Keane initially started working together on a recording project devoted to laying down some of Getchell’s back-catalogue of original material.  However, after a couple sessions, the two decided to add a bassist (Ben Pettit) and begin performing live.  Over the course of the next year and a half, Wall-Eyed performed throughout the DC-Virginia-Maryland area and recorded material which comprised the band’s first two releases Wall-Eyed (2012) and Grace Under Fire (2013).  The self-titled debut drew heavily from alt-country and Americana influences and featured fan favorites such as “My First Drink” and “Politics and Business.”  The band’s second release, Grace Under Fire, showcased Wall-Eyed’s musical diversity, featuring tracks such as the Gogol Bordello-esque “Insults and Polemics”, the reggae-grunge and ‘walk of shame’ themed “18 Bad Decisions,” and the accessible “Pint of Blood”.  Grace Under Fire received numerous positive reviews from various music blogs and publications including The Big Takeover and Indie-Music.com.

In 2013, Wilson Getchell decided to relocate to his former stomping ground, Flagstaff, Arizona, where he was later joined by Keane, and the two again set out performing throughout the state and working on new material.  Wall-Eyed later enlisted Jeff Micchelli as the band’s full-time banjo and trumpet player, and also added Nate Pratt and Anthony Armijo, who split time playing bass for the group.  Wall-Eyed released the 4 song EP I Wanna Wreck Your Car in the spring of 2014, which served as a teaser for the group’s next full length album.  The EP received positive reviews from national and local music press, and helped garner more attention for the upstart group.  However, at the end of the 2014 summer, Wall-Eyed took an unexpected, temporary hiatus when Keane left the group and Getchell married and took a prolonged honeymoon.  

In November of 2014, Getchell enlisted Richard Gagnon on drums to complete the band’s next full-length album, which had been temporarily shelved the previous summer.   In January 2015, Wall-Eyed released Kentucky Gentleman, which consisted of 8 songs, highlighted by the progressive-country-punk song “Wise County,” the jazz-flavored “Cold Black Ink,” and the piano-rock tune “Calmer Waters.”  Music critics praised Kentucky Gentleman for its originality, ambition, and focus.  Numerous outlets noted the impressive growth exhibited by Wall-Eyed between Grace Under Fire and Kentucky Gentleman and expressed excitement concerning the band’s future development.

In April 2015, Wilson Getchell relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina and set about constructing a new Wall-Eyed lineup.  In the meantime, Getchell began performing with his one man band version of the group, aptly titled Wall-Eyed (and the One Man Bandit).  Wall-Eyed (and the One Man Bandit) featured Getchell on guitar and vocals, while drumming with his feet on a suitcase drum and high hat, ala The Shaky Graves.    Following several months of performing as Wall-Eyed (and the One Man Bandit), Lodge McCammon joined Wall-Eyed as a multi-instrumentalist.  Getchell and McCammon are currently working on new material and performing in the Triangle area.   

For additional information, booking, or press inquiries, please contact Wilson Getchell at wall.eyed.music@gmail.com or 703-314-9410.


Member History

Wilson Getchell (guitar, vox, etc.; appears on all)

Rob Keane (drums, bass; appears on "Wall-Eyed", "Grace Under Fire", "Wreck Yer Car", and "Kentucky Gentleman")

Jeff Micchelli (banjo, trumpet, guitar, mandolin; appears on "I Wanna Wreck Yer Car" EP, the "Front Butts" single, and "Kentucky Gentleman")

Anthony Armijo (bass; appears on "I Wanna Wreck Yer Car" EP and "Kentucky Gentleman")

Ben Pettit (bass; appears on "Wall-Eyed" and "Grace Under Fire")

Nate Pratt (bass)

Joe Bohrer (bass)

Richard Gagnon (drums) (appears on "Kentucky Gentleman')

Jordan Bilger (mandolin)

Sean Gotkin (guitar; appears on "Grace Under Fire")