I Wanna Wreck Yer Car



A classic story of one man's desire to wreck his lover's car.


wanna wreck yer car 

I've thought it over 

Red lights are red 

And these days are blue 

Why don't you settle your sweet self down 

You know I'm doing this all for you 


And I won't work you over 

Babe, I'll be the one to carry you 

And you can cry on my shoulder 

Babe, I'll be like Jesus Christ for you 


But I've been living a wet dream kind of life 

So dear wake me when I'm right 

I've been living it up all kinds of nights 

Yeah so just wake me when I'm right 


Babe - about the dog 

I kinda ran him over 

Baby, just be cool 

Remember we didn't only have one dog 

We had two 

Baby just be cool 

I'll get you a rose.